Sports Psychology

60 minutes $ 100 / 90 MINUTES $140

Overcome mental challenges that affect your performance as an athlete. The body works in response to the mind. Together we will create a set of mental training tools and exercises that will help you break through your obstacles and reach higher goals.


Life Coaching

60 minutes $ 100 / 90 MINUTES $140

One on one work sessions committed to achieve a successful result surrounding all areas of your life that need transformation. We will find solutions together and you will develop skills to retrain your mind into taking positive action leading to long term happiness and fulfillment.


Group Coaching 

90 MINUTES $400 

For 3 or more people. Each client is welcome to have a different area of life that they'd like to focus on. We are each unique individuals with different responses and will still be treated as such even in a Group setting.


Body Positive

60 MINUTES $100 • 90 MINUTES $140

The image we have of our selves is a big part of the success in our lives. Both internally and externally we are faced not only with our own opinions of self but also with the opinions of others. Increasingly this takes a toll on our mental and physical stability. This program is designed to build the right foundation for SELF-CONCEPT and SELF EFFICACY leading you to a successful self image that cannot be broken or transformed by others around you.


Mental Training & Behavioral Change 

60 MINUTES $100 • 90 MINUTES $140

Targeted solutions for problems that are specific in nature. These can be afflictions that come from:  ADDICTION, NEGATIVE THOUGHT and BEHAVIORAL PATTERNS, BULLYING, DIFFICULT RELATIONSHIPS, SPORTS & PERSONAL INJURIES, HOME LIFE AND RELIGIOUS DIFFERENCES.                



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We DO NOT offer Mental Health Counseling