I began working with Dr. Bradley during my 2016-17 skating season. I worked with her to refine my mental game. In the 2017-18 season I battled Injury forcing me to sit out many of my workouts. Instead of having a wash of a season, we focused on learning new visualization and mental strength techniques. I dropped significant time off of my 1000m and even qualified to compete in the U.S. Olympic Trials in the 1000m for Long Track. The difference between a good athlete and a great athlete is the ability to control and refine one’s mental game, and that is exactly what Dr. Bradley helped me do!
— Kyle Essex - USA Olympic Try Outs Ice Skater

When I attended College, my major was Health and Physical Education. However, that was not all I consider myself to have studied. My first ever college class, I met professor Tammy Bradley. She introduced me into the world of sport psychology and everything that went along with overall well being. I soon learned that she was the faculty advisor for the Body Positive club on campus, and I went to see what it was about. I was quickly pulled in by the feeling of safety that the club space provided, as well as the knowledge about body image, and eating disorders. Through being apart of this club, I learned how to better relate to students within a health and physical education setting, and learn how to be that person that they can trust and come to with feelings that they may otherwise keep to themselves. Professor Bradley was a key player in this, as she brought her knowledge and expertise to the club. She also supported each and every one of the club members and those we interacted with. I will forever be grateful for the experience, and friendships I’ve made through being apart of Body Positive.
— Morgan Gottel - Bucks County College Graduate

The time I spent speaking with Tammy Bradley assisted me immensely in my Figure Skating career. Tammy’s friendly and open personality allowed me to really relate to her and understand the ideas she was presenting to me. Tammy cared for me and my career personally. This, and the concepts presented to me were instrumental to me in my competitive skating. I am so grateful for Tammy, she led me to succeed and rediscover the passion I have for skating.
— Meg Evens - Competitive Ice Skater
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Through Tammy’s encouragement I have learned to enjoy and value exercise. She has given me many tips on ways to improve and get more out of my routines. Exercise is a daily part of my life and as I age, it has been important to me to know someone who is knowledgeable and up to date and is interested in helping myself and others to improve and keep our bodies and minds healthy.
— Adrienne Peterson - Lansdale, PA

When my daughter, Megan Evans, moved away from home to train at one of the premier ice-skating centers in the world, Tammy Bradley helped give her the emotional and psychological support she needed to excel in the sport of ice-dancing. Tammy understood the rigors and challenges of high level athletics, and because of her extensive training, she provided just the right amount of a listening ear, advice and counseling. Tammy had a great way of connecting with and talking to Megan. Tammy provided Meg with outstanding visualization exercises that enabled her to control her nerves, overcome her fears and reach her potential as an ice-dancer. The time Tammy spent with Megan was critical to her being able to handle all the demands put upon her. We deeply appreciated Tammy’s expertise and willingness to work with Megan, and recognize her efforts assisted Meg in becoming the U.S. Novice Silver Medalist at the U.S. National Figure Skating Championships last year.
— Lezlie Evans - Ashburn, Virginia

I spent some time with Tammy when I was struggling to get over a mental block with my tumbling. Tammy was able to help me get out of my head and focus on a different perspective. I got lots of helpful tools through this process. We talked about the things that were holding me back and after a few visits I gained back a lot of confidence in myself. I would definitely recommend Tammy’s help for anyone who was struggling like I was.
— Rian Haslam - Cheerleading Cpt, Riverton Highschool